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We're a media company that specializes in publishing and advertising across all networks including mobile and web.

10X higher engagement than regular ad formats

Who Are We?

CKO Media is a leading ad based media company based in Florida.

Our company was founded in 2015 and had a set goal that we knew we would achieve: Excellence.

We believe that connecting a publisher ( a site owner ) with an advertiser ( company looking to display their ads on a specific site ) is the best form of advertising currently on the web.

By knowing which market you’d like to target as an advertiser, your ads will perform at their best.

As for the publisher, we believe in order to receive the best conversion value, you would have to spend endless hours finding that advertiser. We at CKO Media specialize in reaching out to these companies and creating a plan to further assist you and your business.

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Offering Services to both Publishers and Advertisers
About CKO Media

CKO Media is a Ad Network Agency designed to
help you

Our Ad Network agency is designed to help advertisers and publishers like you reach your targeted audience.

We’ve created our own Ad Network System to manage ads that are displayed on the publishers websites as well as manage the CPC , CPM, and CPA of those ads to better assist the Advertisers and give them a clear directive as to how those ads are performing.

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