6 Ways to Effectively Advertise Online

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6 Ways to Effectively Advertise Online

6 Ways to Effectively Advertise Online

6 Ways to Effectively Advertise Online


For those of you that are new to digital marketing, it can seem overwhelming when you are just getting started. Companies tend to outsource marketing efforts because it can be very time consuming if you do not how what you are doing. People waste too much time and many resources trying to “wing it” themselves.

The biggest challenge that new websites/businesses face is a lack of exposure. Perfect and master the way you market, being too aggressive can deter potential customers. You do not have to over-advertise, but simply know how to use each tool effectively.

Here are the top 6 ways to effectively advertise online.


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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is the backbone of your visibility online. Are you tired of writing blog after blog and never seeing them on Google? Odds are you are not meeting the requirements that Google checks. This includes the proper use of keywords, the number of keywords, as well as any tags or categories you place blogs in.  Furthermore, make sure that your sitemap is set up correctly. A sitemap is where Google looks at what you are allowing and not allowing to be index within Google’s results.

SEO aims to increase your ranking on Google. Resulting in more visibility, increased traffic and most importantly, a higher conversion rate. In this digital era, potential buyers are starting to do more and more research before making a purchase. Make sure you are giving them all the information they need, your goal is to own the #1 position on Google for your top keywords used on your site.


Social Media Platforms

There are almost 2.5 Billion users on social media platforms. If you have no online presence here, you are missing out on tons of business opportunities. Building your SEO and organic results will take time. Social media is a perfect outlet for immediate growth in your online visibility.

In addition, there are many featured in applications like Facebook or Instagram that will allow you to target a selective market. This is great for testing your demographic, to see who is most interested in your products/services today. The more content you publish the greater chance your site will begin to see a rise in traffic.

There are also many things to avoid while on social media, check out this article from, GuaranteedRemoval to learn more. (click here)


Local Business Registrars

This is essential for any local business that only deals with the territory in which they are located (i.e. car dealerships). By signing up for accounts like Google Local Business you have a chance for a featured snippet on Google. This can be accomplished by reviewing common questions your customers typically have and then writing about it. If you wrote a quality article, answering all the questions and you used the correct keywords and SEO tactics, Google will favor this highly.

Have you ever wondered how businesses appear on the right side of Google where you type in a search query ending in “… near me”? They have accomplished this by signing up with Google Business. This way if someone type is “Chevy dealership never me” the closest dealership will show. You need to obtain this spot as soon and as quickly as possible.

Having an easily accessible way to find your phone number, address and reviews are laid out at the top of Google is crucial. Check here to sign up with Google Business today. Visibility is everything.


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Adwords Campaigns

Hopefully, you should already know about Google Adwords but if you are new to this, Adwords is a Google application for paid placement. Meaning, you will bid against your competitors for the #1 spot on Google. The cost per click (CPC) for Adwords typically ranges from a few cents to over $50. This is an extremely useful tactic for new websites to use if they have the capital to fund it. Adwords can get very expensive so you must know how to properly choose keywords or set up a budget.

The plus side to Adwords is that you only pay when someone clicks on a link and visits your website. As we mentioned before, these are paid ads so make sure you budget yourself or this can get extremely expensive. You are given options as far as where you would want to rank as well. For example, you want to rank for the keywords “Chevy Dealership” you will select what your desired position is (#1 is always expensive as prices fluctuate). It is important to constantly monitor your Adwords reports so you can allocate your spending to keywords that tend to convert more business.

Adwords is an effective tool because when users click on your website they know exactly what you are about already. This instantly decreases your bounce rate.  To get started with Adwords now, click here.


Email Marketing

Some may consider this method to be out-dated, however, we highly disagree. Odds are they did not use it effectively. Here you should be more concerned with the content, and not portraying yourself as spam. Many businesses will send monthly newsletters detailing any changes or discounts available. Furthermore, this strategy allows you to stay relevant to each consumer. Many users online will browse all over for information then forget where they read that really interesting and useful article. By capturing some contact information (email/phone number) you can now consistently remind them you are here to help them.

There are many websites that can assist you in distributing mass emails. You should refrain from sending >1000 personal emails a day, you could make automatically marked as spam where your email is lost forever. It is imperative that you find a strong balance between informational and spamming.


Banner Advertising

One of the newest and innovative ways to market yourself online today is via banner advertising. By teaming up with a similar company (not competition) in your field you can display your ads on their websites to further expand your outreach. The sole purpose of banner advertisements is to promote a particular brand. Banners can redirect visitors from one site to another fast.

For example, you are looking for an attorney so you start researching “How do I know if my attorney is reputable?”. Next, you find a blog article discussing the best qualities to look for when searching for legal representation. Most often then not there will be a banner somewhere on that place for “John Doe Lawfirm”. This means “The Lawfirm of John Doe” is paying that blog to host an easy-to-see banner. Now that individual not only knows what qualities make an attorney a great choice but also a recommendation to one near them.


By now you should have a great understanding of how online advertising and digital marketing works. If you have any questions please comment below, we would love to help. If you are looking for a possible partnership with CKOmedia please click here.





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