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CKO Media offers advertisers hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of full screen ads daily impressions to promote their brands. Our highly advanced and detailed self-serve platform is available to you to monitor the performance of your ads. Once we feature your site on a publishers website, you will have all the tools necessary to see results from those ads.

Our Process and What We Offer


CKO Media gives advertisers the possibility to choose from dozens of different banners to best fit their target audience. By offering ad types such as Popup, Simple Banners, Tab Under, In Text,  Wallpaper/Skin Ads, as well as Custom ads  we ensure you’re able to catpure the full attention from your users which results in higher conversions and higher CPM. Contact us below to speak with one of our representative to learn more.

Maximize Your Reach

CKO Media serves hundreds of thousands of impressions on a daily basis in more than 100 countries worldwide. Advertisers are able to target their audience in any location, when they want with no limit to the amount of impressions displayed. We help you find the publishers that would directly relate to your business, in result giving you the exact leads your business needs.

Monetize your traffic

Advertisers have access to millions of users that are likely to engage in your specific brand or business. We consider these users to be ones that will likely engage in your banner and have some interest in your company or brand. Once you become an advertiser with us you have the opportunity to become a publisher with us which in result gives you the opportunity to feature other advertisers.

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