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CKO Media’s vast network of Publishers have no limit! As long as our specialists are able to find high quality users that are engaged in your niche and are interested in purchasing the product or service you are offering – we will find a way to reach them and get your ads displayed on their site as quick as possible.

Our Process for Publishers

High Traffic Monetization

CKO Media offers publishers a guarantee that ads published on your site will be highly monitored by our specialists. By utilizing our network of partnerships we have established the most optimal ads to serve your users.


CKO Media gives publishers the possibility to choose from dozens of different banners that won’t be disruptive to their audience but would still benefit the publisher. We have a wide variety of custom banner types that will suit your site. Contact us below to speak with one of our representative to learn more about process and how we can help.

Serve Thousands of Ads

CKO Media is able to serve thousands of ads daily and monitor each and every click made. These Ads that you allow on the site will at all times be able to be controlled by you, the “publisher”. Upon agreement between you and the advertiser, His or her ads will be displayed on your site and if at anytime you wish to stop featuring a specific ad, you may do that in your dashboard.

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