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Social Listening and How Companies Benefit

Social Listening and How Companies Benefit


Social Listening – If you are new to the term “social listening”, it is the process of monitoring digital conversations. Giving you a better understanding of how people feel about your brand or reputation in general. Social listening is used to generate productive feedback you can use to optimize your business practices. Furthermore, this gives you a direct connection to what exactly your customers do not like.

Purchasing behavior amongst the market has dramatically shifted in online reviews. Negative feedback online can be a leading cause as to why your company is not succeeding or accomplishing your goals.

It is important that you not only monitor your feedback online. But it takes action when it is due. Combatting negative feedback promptly and privately can make all the difference. Studies show when you attempt to fix or improve upon a customers experience they are prone to come back for repeat business.

Here are some steps you can take to become be cognitive online.


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What Social Media Platforms Does Your Target Market Prefer?

It is important to know what websites and social media applications your customers use. Today, there are about four platforms that rule the social media space. Think about how often you use your smartphones. What are you on? Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? In a recent study by, NBC news reports that the average person visits Facebook 14 times daily. 14 times! That means you have around a 10% chance of them seeing your information each and every time they open the app. Social media exposure is important. Do not be afraid to post 4-5 times on Instagram every day, if your content is good people will notice.

Sites like Twitter are designed to keep people in the know what recent trends. This can be a great tool for not only connecting with your clients but also to see what everyone is interested in. Twitter displaying the top trending hashtags on the side margins on the user’s homepage. These are great if you have writers’ block and need a quick topic to discuss on your website.

In addition, LinkedIn has become the business platform where it houses a database of older users. Having less personal touch and focusing only on professional networking, this is perfect for creating relationships or rekindling the past with older clients.

Again, we cannot reiterate this enough, social media works. Staying relevant in your industry and to your clients has everlasting benefits. Social media, in general, is an excellent tool to improve your branding with perspective as well as current satisfied customers.


Be an Effective Problem Solver

Furthermore, every problem has a solution. It is your job as a business owner to rectify any issues or resolve any problems that may arise. By establishing a great effort towards monitoring your competition as well as your customers’ needs you are already ahead of the pack. If there is a common question or issue your customers are asking about, so make sure you go the extra mile to address their concerns. This may possibly lead to a new good or service that you offer!

Next, use tools such as KWFinder or Moz Tools to uncover what keywords are working for you. You can use these keywords (long-tail keywords) and search for them on Quora. Quora is a website similar to WikiAnswers, where users voice their questions in hopes of finding the right answer fast. Next, you can simply reply to their questions or redirect them to a recent blog article you have written pertaining to that specific topic.


Customer Support

When handling feedback always exemplify to positive while hiding the negatives. Identify all of your positive reviews and learn ways that you can show them off across multiple platforms. People tend to purchase more quickly after reading a positive review. As we briefly touched upon earlier, negative reviews need to be handled immediately. The longer negative information stays online in reference to you on your business the greater chance prospective clients will see it. There are several companies like, that assists those with their online reputation management. Most importantly you must handle any negative feedback cautiously.



Hootsuite is a simple planning app designed to makes scheduling posts easier. As most marketers know, it is not about what you publish but also when you publish it. When using sites like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook you may not have time every day to make content. This tool allows you to create mass amounts of content and then strategically schedule each individual publication online. Click here to download the Hootsuite mobile app now.


Use Google Alerts

Although this useful tool excludes many social media platforms and blogs. Google Alerts is another great tool you can start using to track trends. By inputting important keywords, you will be notified when a new articles. This is a fairly straightforward website designed to email you notifications when your tracked keywords appear online. Sign up here.


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By implementing these tools above you are one step closer to mastering social listening. Social listening is all about being aware of what the market wants. In addition to what they need from you, these powerful tools with undoubtedly increase your business’ performance. If you are already using social listening within you company comment below on how it has worked for you.




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